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Therapeutic Approach 


From day one, I listen and provide a safe space, free of judgement as we work together to cultivate a powerful therapeutic bond. I provide a welcoming, loving energy for clients to feel comfortable as they release and learn. I value that healing takes time therefore I customize treatment to meet the client's preferred pace for change. The therapeutic approach centers on getting to the core of the pain, because in most cases individuals have been living with it, masking it, and barely surviving because of it for way too long. I am passionate about partnering with adults, couples and families to help them evoke effective coping and problem-solving skills. My focus is to help individuals increase self-awareness in order to unlock their secret powers that will aid them on their personal journey to becoming the greatest version of themselves.

I utilize an eclectic model of treatment to facilitate change, healing, and growth, by combining elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, and Mindfulness. I also utilize tools from Problem Solving Therapy and/or Solutions Focused Therapy to further promote change and healing.


Feel free to contact Danielle for a free 15-minute consultation and begin your journey toward healing and transformation.

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